Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri

Dean, VPSM

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Vijay Patil School of Management (VPSM).

VPSM is not just another business school; it is a philosophy. We at VPSM believe in offering a holistic learning experience to our students through our innovative and interactive pedagogy and highly qualified faculty members. Our pedagogy is based on our Mission to provide an interactive platform to our students and faculty members to exchange ideas and learn from the interaction. It originates from our Mission that believes in “life-long learning”.

VPSM takes pride in offering various inter-disciplinary courses based on a student’s specific learning goals. Our curriculum is in line with most of the leading business schools in the world and in India. The MBA course is offered in six trimesters while the BBA and the BSc (Economics) courses are offered in six semesters. All three courses have a mixture of compulsory courses that build the foundation and electives courses that can be opted by a student on the basis of his/ her specific learning goals. We feel that any management curriculum is incomplete without interaction with industry, as management education and the industry are the two sides of a coin. Our students shall closely interact with the industry champions on a regular basis. Senior managers from the industry would be invited to share their experiences by way of guest lectures; our students shall intern with the industry and also work on live projects that would be offered by the industry.

We take pride in our curriculum. We offer the latest learning inputs through our learned faculty members. Our collaboration with the Harvard Business School Online enables our students to learn from the faculty members of Harvard Business School Online along with students from all over the world. Also, our curriculum is based on the principles of interactive learning where the students must participate in the classroom discussion. A teacher is a facilitator of the process wherein she/he also becomes a co-learner. We aim at inculcating the ‘spirit of inquiry’, ‘independent thinking, and ‘data-based decision-making’ among our students.

A faculty is the focal point of any educational institute. We have three types of faculty members at VPSM. All our regular, full-time faculty members have a PhD from the top educational institutes across the globe like – University of Rochester, IIM Calcutta, NUS, Singapore, and so on. All of them have published their research papers in some of the best journals in their areas. The second type of faculty members have worked in the industry for over 15-20 years in senior positions after acquiring their professional degrees or certification and then come to the field of education. They offer much needed practical application of the theoretical concepts and how the strategy is designed in the industry. The third group of faculty members is those who are practicing members of industry or faculty members of other prominent universities and visit VPSM to offer their courses in the evenings or on weekends.

Our students are encouraged to work closely with the faculty members beyond the regular classroom interaction; they may assist a faculty members in their research or consulting projects or be a teaching assistant or work on an academic project of mutual interest. We strongly believe that the learning does not end in the classroom. In fact, more than 70 percent of the learning, in a business school takes place outside the classroom via group projects, faculty and industry interaction, self-study, etc. I invite you to have a look at the profiles of our faculty members.

Another important factor that distinguishes VPSM from most of the other business schools is the infrastructure. Our state of the art classrooms are designed to ensure participative learning and the learning resource centre is spread across three floors and is equipped with the latest databases and all the books and periodicals that students would need.  The classroom design can be benchmarked against the best universities across the globe and have been designed to facilitate maximum interaction among the students and between the students and the faculty which is the essence of the interactive learning process. The academic building and the residential floors have been designed by one of the leading US-based architects -Foster and Partner who also take the credit for designing the campuses for some of the leading B-schools like Stanford, Imperial College business School, University of Cambridge and many more across the world. The VPSM campus has been designed to take care of every small need of the learning community – be it academics or leisure. Prospective students are invited to visit and explore our state of the art campus and the facilities offered to enhance the learning experience.

Come, join VPSM to explore the best in class management education!

Let the journey begin!