Dr. Sher Jahan Khan


Dr. Sher Jahan Khan

 Assistant Professor

Strategy and Finance


Dr. Sher Jahan Khan teaches courses in Strategy and Finance at the Vijay Patil School of Management. Prior to this, he has worked as a Postdoctoral Research at the University of Agder, Norway. His PhD research work has focused on the effect of resource munificent and environmentally uncertain contexts on organizational cultural and ambidexterity. His ongoing research focuses on strategy, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has published several ABDC-A category papers and his research papers have appeared in journals like Business Strategy and the Environment, International Journal of Emerging Markets, and International journal of Green Economics. He has also attended and presented his research work in several international conferences.

• Khan, S. J., Kaur, P., Jabeen, F., Dhir, A. Green Process Innovation: Where we are and where we are going. Business Strategy and the Environment,30(7), 3273-3296 (ABDC – A).
• Mir, A. A., Dar, S. H.,&Khan, S. J.Understanding digital entrepreneurial Intentions: A Capital Theory Perspective. International Journal of Emerging Markets (ABDC – B).
• Khan, S. J.,Dhir, A., Parida, V., Papa. A. Past, Present and Future of Green Product Innovation. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30(8), 4081-4106 (ABDC – A)
• Dar, S. H., Mir, A. A. &Khan, S. J.Digital entrepreneurship and emancipation: exploring the nexus in a conflict zone. International Journal of Emerging Markets (ABDC – B).
• Khan, S. J., & Mir, A. A. Ambidextrous culture, contextual ambidexterity and new product innovations: the role of organizational slack and environmental factors. Business Strategy and the Environment, 28(4), 652-663 (ABDC – A).
• Khan, S. J., Akram M.U. & Chauhan C. Cognitive factors influencing green consumption behaviour of young millennials: An empirical check on Indian consumers.International Journal of Green Economics, 14(4), 293-314. (ABDC – C).
• Shaili, S., Arun, TM., Khan, S. J., Chauhan C., &Akram M.U. Just One More Episode: Exploring Consumer Motivations for Adoption of Streaming Services. Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems, 31(1), 17-42. (ABDC – C).

Strategic management
International business
Mergers & Acquisitions
Financial derivatives
Management accounting
Financial management

• PhD, University of Kashmir, India
• MBA, BGSB University, India
• B. Com, University of Kashmir, India