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If you’re planning on getting engaged, you may be wondering what hand will do a wedding ring go on. This question might be a little trickier you think. There are many reasons why some would want to wear the ring on a single or more mexican cupid com than one particular finger.

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In the western world, a marriage ring is normally worn on the left hand side hands ring little finger. This is a practice dating to ancient Roman times. When rather than an exact scientific research, wearing your engagement ring on your left may be the best way to demonstrate equality and closeness between you and your spouse.

However , there are some regions that still wear all their rings troubles right hands. This might become a cultural desire or a medical requirement. The veta amoris, or vein of affection, is a popular theory in Europe inside the 1600s. The vein is certainly thought to manage from heart for the ring little finger.

The modern-day practice of putting on your wedding ring on your left hand can be not quite when common, nonetheless it is not impossible. Aside from the totally obvious medical factors, a person’s dominant hands might be susceptible to damage right from soap or perhaps lotion.

The best way to answer the question of what hand does a wedding ring go is usually to ask yourself if it makes sense for you along with your partner. This is especially true for those who have any health conditions that might prevent you from using your usual ring.

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