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About the Course

Banking and Finance is a dynamic sector that encompasses Banks, financial institutions, investment firms etc. Pursuing an MBA in Banking & Finance can be a game-changer for launching a career in this field. It provides knowledge and skills crucial for success in BFSI, such as financial modelling, risk assessment, market analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Career opportunities in BFSI are abundant, offering roles like financial analyst, investment banker, risk manager, insurance underwriter, and more. Additionally, an MBA program often includes internships and networking opportunities with industry professionals, enhancing your practical experience and connections.

With an MBA in Banking & Finance, you become a competitive candidate, well-equipped to navigate the complexities of this sector, make informed financial decisions, and seize leadership roles with attractive salary packages.

Program Structure

Duration: 2 years
Semester: 6 Trimester

The 2-year MBA in Banking and Finance program is tailored to enhance their knowledge and skills in the banking and finance sector. This program allows participants to attend classes in person, providing them with a conducive learning environment and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Program Highlights

Rigorous curriculum: Our MBA program in Banking and Finance covers a wide range of topics, including financial markets, banking operations, risk management, investment analysis, and more.

Certificate: Certificate programs for short duration from recognized institution in-built into the curriculum which enhances your scope of employability.

Experiential learning: Through case studies, simulations, and projects, you will gain practical experience solving real-world financial problems and making strategic decisions.

Personalized support: Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed academically and professionally. From academic advising to career coaching, we offer personalized support every step of the way.

Industry connections: We have strong relationships with leading banks, financial institutions, and investment firms, providing you with access to internships, networking events, and job opportunities.

Career Options

Portfolio Manager: Create and Manage portfolios and allocations for clients based on their risk appetite.

Bank Manager: Oversee, hire and train staff to increase branch revenue. Also, handle consumer and employee grievances.

Budget Analyst: Review and create the organizations budget to determine the accuracy as well as compliance the company laws and regulations.

Investment Banker: Raise capital for individuals and companies, as well as assist clients with mergers and acquisitions and advise them on how to build their portfolio.

Credit Manager: Review, analyze and evaluate the creditworthiness of existing customers, and potential customers.



Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) in any discipline from any recognised University or an equivalent degree recognised by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) with minimum 50% marks at Graduation Level.

Course Structure


(CORE – GENERAL – 3 credits each)

  1. Financial Statements Analysis for Management (FSAM)
  2. Emerging Technologies for Management (ETM)
  3. Business Communication & Presentations (BCP)
  4. Organizational Behaviour (OB)
  5. Economics for Management (EM)
  6. Marketing Management (MM)
  7. Quantitative Skills & Managerial Statistics (QSMS)


(CORE- GENERAL – 3 credits each)

  1. Business Environment
  2. Operations Management
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Analytics Applications
  6. Management & Cost Accounting


(CORE – BANKING & FINANCE – 3 credits each)

  1. Introduction to Financial Markets
  2. Financial Management
  3. Principles & Practices of Banking
  4. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Financial Markets
  5. Retail Banking & Wealth Management Services
  6. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

SPECIALISATION – Trm IV (Credit Management)

  1. Credit Management
  2. Agriculture and MSME Financing
  3. Credit Monitoring and Recovery Management
  4. Credit Risk Management



 (Treasury, Risk & International Banking)

  1. Integrated Treasury &  Risk Management
  2. Derivatives & Financial Engineering
  3. International Banking and Foreign Exchange Markets
  4. Preventive Vigilance and Compliance


(Financial Technology)

  1. Digital Technologies and Analytics
  2. Information System Audit
  3. Cyber Security and Fraud Management
  4. Introduction to Fintech & Payment Solutions
  5. Digital Customer Experience Management



(Capital Markets)

  1. Capital Markets
  2. Mutual Funds and Alternative Investments
  3. Algorithmic Trading
  4. Behavioural Finance
  5. Investment Banking


Trimester Name of the Subject Practical (P) Credits No of Hrs of Teaching
I Financial Statements Analysis for Management (FSAM) 3 30
I Emerging Technologies for Management (ETM) 3 30
I Business Communication & Presentations (BCP) 3 30
I Organizational Behaviour (OB) 3 30
I Economics for Management (EM) 3 30
I Marketing Management (MM) 3 30
I Quantitative Skills & Managerial Statistics (QSMS) 3 30
II Business Environment 3 30
II Operations Management 3 30
II Market Research 3 30
II Strategic Management 3 30
II Analytics Applications 3 30
II Management & Cost Accounting 3 30
III Introduction to Financial Markets 3 30
III Financial Management 3 30
III Principles & Practices of Banking 3 30
III Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Financial Markets 3 30
III Retail Banking & Wealth Management Services 3 30
III Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 30
Specialisation IV Credit Management Practical (P) 6 75
IV Agriculture and MSME Financing 3 30
IV Credit Monitoring and Recovery Management 3 30
IV Credit Risk Management 3 30
Specialisation IV Integrated Treasury &  Risk Management 3 30
IV Derivatives & Financial Engineering Practical (P) 6 75
IV International Banking and Foreign Exchange Markets 3 30
IV Preventive Vigilance and Compliance 3 30
Specialisation V Digital Technologies and Analytics Practical (P) 6 75
V Information System Audit 3 30
V Cyber Security and Fraud Management 3 30
V Introduction to Fintech  & Payment Solutions 3 30
V Digital Customer Experience Management 3 30
Specialisation V Capital Markets 3 30
V Mutual Fund and Alternative Investments 3 30
V Algorithmic Trading Practical (P) 6 75
V Behavioural Finance 3 30
V Investment Banking 3 30
Specialisation VI Project Work/Additional Certifications/ Skill Development 3 30
VI Project & Infrastructure Finance 3 30
VI Advanced Risk Models 3 30