• MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management) program is designed to produce graduates capable of creating compelling visions, developing winning strategies, managing successful ventures, and establishing sustainable, profitable healthcare organizations.
  • The program is delivered by skilled and experienced faculty from academia and industry, using various pedagogical methods such as case studies, industry visits, seminars, workshops, and internships to ensure that students are the right fit for the healthcare industry.
  • Internship component focuses on different aspects of hospital management, public administration, problem solving, and primary managerial skills in corporate hospitals, with international hospital internships available for wider exposure. The program also includes guest lectures, personality development programs, and conference seminars and workshops to prepare students for meaningful contributions to their communities and the industry.
  • The school aims to produce competent and valuable resources for the community and industry, contributing to the development of a skilled workforce in the healthcare sector.


  • Able to communicate and articulate effectively with all stakeholders of organizations, including customers, staff, management, and critical players and external customers.
  • Able to inspire individuals and groups, achieve organizational excellence, create a shared vision, and successfully adapt and manage change to attain the organization’s strategic vision, goals, objectives, and successful performance.
  • Able to align personal and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards.
  • Able to understand the organizational system and the environment in which managers and providers function.


  • This program ensures a highly qualified and competent workforce to administer and manage complex healthcare organizations. It prepares leaders for both hospitals and the healthcare field.
  • It creates opportunities for those who desire to achieve and contribute to improving the healthcare systems, reducing the burden of diseases, and ensuring a healthy and productive population.


  • Hospitals and Health Systems Management
  • Medical Associations & Industry bodies
  • Government’s Medical departments
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Geriatric & Child Care Management Organization
  • Health Information Technology Firms
  • Supply Chain Companies
  • Multi-Practice Clinics
  • Private, Specialized Health Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories


The University welcomes applications from all the aspirants who have completed their Bachelor Degree Examination in any discipline from any recognized University or an equivalent degree recognized by the University Grants Commission with minimum of 50% marks.

Note: The admission of foreign nationals / NRIs, however, shall be based on the prescribed academic qualification as evaluated by the Internal Admission Cell.