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Dr. S. Ainavolu

Dr. S. Ainavolu

Designation :Professor

Specialization Subject:Strategy

Email ID : s.ainavolu@dypatil.edu

Dr. S. Ainavolu got trained as an engineer specializing in Electronics & Instrumentation from KITS, Warangal. Did his Doctorate which is Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) majoring in Strategic Management from IIM Calcutta.

Totally has twenty-plus years of Industrial and Organizational experience equally with NTPC and Reliance Groups. During the recent four years, have been holding academic positions with NMIMS, Mumbai, and now with VPSM in the area of Strategic Management.

Core courses of Strategic Management (SM) in MBA Trimester 2 and, Ethics, Sustainability & Governance Processes (ESGP) course in MBA Trimester 3 are taught by him.

His electives come in the Second year as Strategy Process & Value Creation (SPVC) and second one Strategy, Organizational Performance & Initiatives (SOPI). He also offers a course on Indian Philosophy to interested students during sixth trimester.

He is a qualified Independent Director having cleared the exam on Second October 2021 with overall 88 percentile and 98 percentile in "Practice" section.

He is a student of Yoga, Ayurveda, Bach flower therapy and Astrology as well.

Doctoral thesis titled “"Effect of Business Group and Industry Affiliation on Firm Performance" examined performance effects on Indian Business Group affiliated firms over the period 1995-2006. Study attempted variance decomposition of the performance of Indian business group affiliated firms and determines various effects on their performance in terms of macro-economic influences, industry, corporate-parent and the company effect.

Taught the core courses of Industry & Competitive Landscape Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation. Developed and taught second year MBA electives of Strategy, Value Creation & Management (SVCM) and Strategy for Core-sector Companies (SMCC).  Also taught first year courses of CSR and Business Ethics and compulsory Doctoral Strategy course.

Completed Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) from IIM Calcutta and B.Tech. from KITS under Kakatiya University, Warangal.