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Journals and Publication

Publication Outlets

  1. Journal of Economics and Management (Scopus)

Journal of Economics and Management (JEM) is a peer-refereed, international, multidisciplinary journal covering a broad spectrum of topics in economics, management, business, and finance. JEM publishes original high-quality papers that contribute to the development of conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research.

  1. The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities (Special Issue-Scopus)

The areas for this journal are: Behavioral Science, Conservation Studies, Criminology, Defense & Strategic Studies, Demography and Population Studies, Development Studies, Disaster Economics, Econometrics, Economics, Education, Ethnography, History, Home Economics, International Relations, Issues related to Management and Business, Journalism, Law and Legislature, Library and Information Sciences, Mass communication, Media Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology including Clinical, Industrial, Public Administration Religious Studies / Comparative Religion, Rural / Urban Studies, Rural Development Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education, Women and Gender Studies, Women Studies

  1. The International Journal of Technologies in Learning (Special Issue- Scopus)

Subject areas: Education, technology, e-learning and online learning

  1. Environment and Social Psychology (Special Issue- Scopus)

Subject areas: Management, Business, Sustainability, Social Psychology, Environment

  1. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Scopus)

Subject areas: Government policy on entrepreneurship, small businesses in ethnic enclaves, Self-employment among immigrants and other minority groups, Indigenous self-employment, Self-employment in Arctic regions, Gender and entrepreneurship, Religion and entrepreneurship

  1. International Journal of Business and Globalization (Scopus)

Subject Areas: Globalization and environmental degradation, Globalization and poverty, Human mobility in a globalized world, Competition in a global economy, Globalization of SMEs

  1. Journal of work-applied management (Scopus)

Journal of Work-Applied Management (JWAM) publishes articles that share work-applied management insights generated at the nexus of practice and theory. Therefore, we are particularly seeking original articles which:Use work-based, work-applied, collaborative, and experiential approaches, such as case-based, reflective and action-oriented research methodologies, and Are relevant to practitioners/researchers in developing and challenging this field of practice across public, private and community sectors and academic subject disciplines.

  1. World: MDPI Journal (Web of Science)

Subject areas: Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Creativity, and Innovation

  1. Journal of Statistics and Management Systems (Special Issue- WoS and ABDC)

Subject areas: Business and Management

  1. International Journal of Technical Education (Special Issue-UGC CARE I)

Subject areas: Multidisciplinary Business, Management, Technology and Technical Education

  1. International Management Review (Special Issue- UGC CARE I)

Subject areas: Sustainable Business and Management

  1. IGI- Global Book (Scopus)

Subject areas: Data Visualization in Business, Sales forecasting, Optimization, Effective visualization design in business models, AI and Machine learning, Digital Intelligence, Marketing Analytics etc.

  1. Indonesia Journal of Sustainable Accounting and Management (Web of Science)

Subject areas: Sustainable accounting and management

  1. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (ABDC-B)

Subject areas: Marketing and Business

  1. Acta Universitatis BohemiaeMeridionalis (ABDC-C)

Subject areas: Emerging Technologies and Sustainable Business Management, Application of Technology in Business Management

  1. International Journal of Education and Development using ICT (ABDC-C)
  2. ISBN Proceedings

Publication Partners