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PO’s and CO’s Analysis

Program Outcomes

  • PO1 Studentswill demonstrate maturity, professionalism and team working skills, they will have general idea of operations in business.

  • PO2 Student will have a broad body of knowledge in business management concepts, current practices in a global business environment and emerging technologies to support, sustain and innovate business.

  • PO3 Student will have understanding of business functions, developing critical and analytical thinking abilities, development of interpersonal skill, providing global perspectives and developing entrepreneurship acumen

  • PO4 Students will have understanding of ethical and sustainable business practices, demonstrated sensitivity to social, ethical and sustainability issues, will have understanding of social cues and contexts in social interactions

  • PO5 Students will have knowledge of computer hardware and software including Office applications for processing numerical and non-numerical data, creation and maintenance of documents, data management, preparation of presentations and email communication

Program Specific Outcome

  • Student will acquire conceptual clarity of carious Functional Areas of business, will understand the ecosystem of startup and will have ability to create business plan

  • Student will be equipped to analyse various functional issues affecting the organization, will be able to derive at impactful strategies for development of the organization

  • Student will have knowhow to do data analysis and interpret the data for decision making and will demonstrate the ability to develop frameworks to reflect unbiasedly on specific business contexts

  • Student will acquire effective skill to communicate effectively both verbal and written communication, they will be able to work in groups, will have understanding of social interactions

  • Student will develop Ethical Practices and Imbibe Values for Better Corporate Governance, will demonstrate understanding of sustainability related concerns in varied areas

  • Student will be able to analyse Global Environment and its Impact on Business