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Student Attendance

Student Attendance

Mandatory attendance of 75% is required for a student to appear for examination and to get promoted to the next academic year. Every lecture that is scheduled as part of the relevant timetable for the programme of study as announced by the Academic Administrator of the School will have attendance documented in the Attendance Register by the respective Course Teacher.

  • The student has access to e-attendance through our TCS-IoN portal which is the state-of-the art software. Student should check the attendance recorded by the faculty on regular basis and if any discrepancy is found, should get it verified by the concerned faculty within 7 working days. The student will be notified of the attendance at a regular interval, student is expected to take note of such periodic notifications regarding shortage of attendance and ensure that the minimum attendance criteria is complied with. Failure to do so shall result in the student becoming ineligible to appear for the End-Term Final Examination of the Course concerned. In such cases, it shall be the sole responsibility of the student to register and complete the Course when it is next offered as per the Academic Regulations of the Institute.

  • The student and parent/guardian are cautioned that shortage of attendance below the minimum eligibility criteria (i.e., minimum of 75% of the classes actually conducted in every Course the student has registered for in the Academic Term) for appearing in the End Term Final Examinations, may result in the loss of an Academic Year for the student.

  • The students areregularly advised to adhere to all attendance requirements as prescribed by the Academic Regulations and Program Regulations and Curriculum.


Medical leave

  • Students are expected to attend scheduled classes, orientation sessions, quizzes and examinations during terms as indicated in the academic calendar. Under severe medical exigencies, students may obtain leave of absence from classes, by submitting an application to academic administrator or by sending an email to the official email.

  • In case of sickness, students must produce all related documents including prescription, bills, payment receipts etc. along with the medical certificate that should be issued and/or countersigned by the registered Medical Officer/Doctor within 2 days from the date of joining.