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Hr Nexus 2024

  • April 13, 2024 - 11:00am

Introduction: HR NEXUS 2024, organized by the esteemed Vijay Patil School of Management, DY Patil University, on 13th April 2024, stood as a premier gathering for HR professionals, academics, and students to explore and advance the realm of Human Resources (HR). The event encompassed insightful discussions, workshops, and the launch of a groundbreaking HR magazine, marking a significant milestone in HR education and practice.
Event Highlights:
1. Magazine Launch – “50 Journeys to the Board Room”:A pivotal moment during HR NEXUS 2024 was the launch of the inaugural HR magazine titled “50 Journeys to the Board Room”. This distinguished publication featured narratives and strategic insights from 50 accomplished HR leaders who have made substantial impacts within their organizations and the broader HR community. Each story exemplified resilience, innovation, and leadership, providing invaluable guidance for aspiring HR professionals.
2. Inclusion of “50 Journeys to the Board Room” in the Magazine:Copies of the HR magazine were distributed to all attendees during the launch event, ensuring widespread access to the inspirational journeys and practical wisdom featured in “50 Journeys to the Board Room”.This dissemination aimed to empower and educate the campus community and industry professionals alike, fostering a culture of continuous learning and leadership development.
3. Panel Discussions: HR NEXUS 2024 hosted a series of enriching panel discussions that delved into key issues and emerging trends in HR management.Topics such as-‘Role Of HR Technology in Employee Experience’, ‘Recruitment Analytics: Finetuning the Recruitment Process ‘, ‘Change in talent Landscape in HR’  stimulated engaging conversations and offered actionable strategies for organizational success.
4. Keynote Address by Mr. Robbin Banerjee:The event featured a compelling keynote address by Mr. Robbin Banerjee, esteemed Chief Guest, who shared profound insights on leadership, innovation, and navigating challenges in HR management. His address resonated with attendees, inspiring them to embrace transformative practices and drive positive change within their respective organizations.
5. Recognition and Gratitude to Dr. Vijay D Patil Sir: Special recognition and gratitude are extended to Dr. Vijay D Patil Sir, whose visionary leadership and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping the success of HR NEXUS 2024. As Chancellor of DY Patil University and a steadfast advocate for academic excellence and industry collaboration, Dr. Vijay D Patil’s guidance has elevated Vijay Patil School of Management to prominence as a hub of innovation and learning in HR education.
6. Student Engagement and Academic Insights: The event actively engaged students from Vijay Patil School of Management, providing them with a platform to interact with industry leaders, gain firsthand knowledge of industry trends, and showcase their academic projects and research initiatives.
Student participants benefited from mentorship opportunities and gained valuable insights into career pathways and emerging opportunities in HR management.
Conclusion:HR NEXUS 2024 was a testament to the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence fostered by Dr. Vijay D Patil. The event’s success, highlighted by the launch of “50 Journeys to the Board Room” and enriched by insightful discussions and Mr. Robbin Banerjee’s keynote address, reaffirmed its pivotal role in advancing HR education and practice.
Acknowledgment: Special thanks are extended to Dr. Vijay D Patil for his visionary leadership, unwavering support, and dedication to advancing HR education and practice at DY Patil University. His profound impact has positioned HR NEXUS 2024 as a transformative platform for knowledge dissemination and professional growth in the field of Human Resources.


  • Start Date:April 13, 2024
  • Start Time:11:00am
  • End Date:April 13, 2024
  • Number of Participants:50