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Vijay D Patil

Dr. Vijay Patil is an Indian Educationist, Philanthropist, and Sportsman. He has for long been working on crafting an extraordinary transformation of the Indian education ecosystem as he envisions India to be a global destination for education in the years to come. From a very young age he knew the importance of education and sports in his life. With his vision for the future of Indian youth he has founded several educational institutes in India and forever changed the standard of sports training.

Significant Achievements

Alumni Excellence Commendation

Australian Government presented the ‘2010 Alumni Excellence Commendation for education award to Mr. Vijay Patil in…

Maharastra Gaurav Award

Indian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Mr. Vijay D. Patil has been awarded Bond University’s highest commendation at…

Maharastra Gaurav Award

Maharastra Gaurav Award for his meritorious role in the field of sports. Indian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist,…

Significant Endeavors

DY Patil Stadium

The origin of the internationally acclaimed multi-disciplinary DY Patil Sports Stadium took place in the early 1980s when Vijay set upon his eyes on a plot of land. Today the stadium has been universally applauded…

DY Patil University

The DY Patil University was founded in 2002 by Dr. D. Y. Patil to provide holistic learning and development. Dr. Vijay Patil with his fervent vision has been leading the university and transforming it into…

D Y Patil Sports Academy

D Y Patil Sports Academy was established to accomplish the goal of providing budding athletes an opportunity to grow exponentially. The DYPSA and TMGA have forever changed the standard of sports training in India with…