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  • This program will prepare you for an exciting profession in the field of AI embedded by program providing an in-depth exposure to Maritime Transportation .
  • The program provides opportunities for practical experience, links with industry experts, and a robust curriculum in AI embedded Maritime Transportation.
  • The program offers a specialized MBA in Maritime Transportation and is intended for students with long-term career goals in Maritime Industry.
  • A Four Semester Industry Oriented Intensive MBA Program
  • Three Months Industry Internship
  • Crafted with care and keeping the growing needs of the world in mind, the curriculum at Vijay Patil School of Management is designed for students to emerge as rounded leaders, strategic thinkers, and better humans who contribute to the growth and development of communities
  • The MBA program is designed to create ethical leaders in different walks of life and not just in the corporate world. It, therefore, emphasizes on working in teams and group work.


  • Plan and develop organisational strategies for the maritime industry using business management concepts, processes and skills.
  • Lead decision making in maritime industry organisations using advanced knowledge in maritime logistics, maritime technologies, and shipping operations.
  • Develop and evaluate maritime management solutions to complex problems faced by the maritime industry.
  • Conduct a research or industry-based project to advance the knowledge and practices for maritime management.
  • Manage communications across organisational teams, customers and business partners to support business outcomes in maritime management contexts.


MBA in Maritime Transportation is essential to Maritime Trade which provides abilities and information required to succeed in a variety of professional roles is Maritime Industry. Professionals with experience in this subject are in high demand because the maritime industry is essential to international trade and commerce. The following options are available to those who possess an MBA in Maritime Transportation :

  • Port Management Executive
  • Shipping Company Executive
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Maritime Consultant
  • Maritime Policy Analyst
  • Maritime Technology Specialist
  • Maritime Finance Manager
  • Maritime Environmental Specialist
  • Maritime Entrepreneur
  • International Trade Specialist


Candidates should have the following in order to be admitted to MBA in Maritime Transportation :

  • A bachelor’s degree with an average of 60% or higher marks
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics, preferably Mathematics at Higher Secondary Level.
  • Coding Knowledge not mandatory, but an added advantage.
  • Score from GRE / CAT / GATE could boost your selection prospects.