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[WAYS] MBA Faculty

Centre for Public Policy Test 2


The Centre for Public Policy (CPP) is an independent policy think tank engaged in pioneering research, teaching, training and capacity building. The centre, established in 2000 through a partnership agreement between the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India (GoI), United Nations Development Programme and IIMB, aspires to lead policy-thinking and praxis in India, promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions to emergent problems.

The twin objectives of the centre to influence policy discourse and improve governance are achieved through rigorous research and stakeholder engagement across domains. Its strong evidence-based research has focused on government innovations, regulation, policy-making, administrative and organizational reform, public-private partnerships and IT in government. A vibrant academic ambience for scholarly engagement has helped CPP emerge as a platform for ideation, debate and exploration.

CPP faculty members represent diverse disciplines and research interests. Some of the broad themes of ongoing research projects involving CPP faculty members are: Financial Inclusion, Health, Urban Governance, Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Education, Political Economy, Regulation, Infrastructure and Transportation Systems.

CPP engages with a variety of stakeholders/partners. They include Central and State Government agencies, legislative bodies, national and international academic institutions and policy agencies, NGOs, private industry, and individuals.

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