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BSc (Hons) Economics at VPSM- A pathway to a successful career

Economics is a unique subject. It has the economic behavior of human beings, as the center point of its studies with emphasis on limited resources and unlimited wants; but it goes further and stamps this unpredictable human behavior with a healthy dose of mathematics and statistical analysis that makes this subject fascinating.

A BSc in Economics at VPSM is a sound robust course, that prepares the students to become world leaders and decision-makers in the very competitive global arena where the markets rule the roost and where sound economies call the shots.

A BSc in Economics will prepare the students to design policies that can shape the economies of nations and proactively help in the cause of nation-building.

Under the BSc Economics Program, at Vijay Patil School Of Management, there are subjects such as Microeconomics – Consumer behavior, production, and markets: Macroeconomics – National Income accounting, circular flow, Keynesian theory and classical theory, business cycle: Mathematical Methods for Economics with potentially adding eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Skill enhancing courses like English Writing and Communication, Macroeconomics – Open economy plus growth theory. This is a curriculum comparable with the best schools to promote personalized learning goals of each student to make him/her ready to face challenges of life

The B.Sc. (Hons) in Economics program offered by VPSM lays emphasis on applications and policy. The curriculum offers robust training in economic theory and statistical methods and a wide choice of Economics courses to suit students’ interests and mathematical aptitude. Economics electives cover all the significant fields of economic knowledge as well as recent developments in the field of economics.

 This three-year undergraduate course combines knowledge in economic analysis with public policy and statistical modeling skills that will provide a strong foundation for a career in multiple fields like Finance, Banking, and Public Administration. This degree, thus, makes students aware of contemporary issues in the community, society, and the nation. Armed with the right knowledge and in-depth information, students have the potential to impact the financial and banking sectors, rural economies, resources, and their utilization, government, and its administration to name a few areas.

A degree in Economics will be most suitable for bright young minds interested in acquiring knowledge about leading economic theories and those interested in applying mathematics to real-life economic and social issues and also for those seeking a strong foundation to enhance their career opportunities in the field of economics and allied fields. Some Electives that are offered are Advanced Game theory, Public Economics, Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Labour economics, Economics of Health and Education, Environmental and Ecological Economics, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Money and Financial Markets, Law and Regulatory Economics, Behavioural Economics, Industrial Organization, Economics of Two-sided markets and Internet Economics. Students can also choose courses from the BBA program.

The Economics program at VPSM will provide a platform to its students to interact with like-minded people who can create a synergistic field that can rejuvenate the mindsets of the budding leaders, even as they are provided opportunities to explore and engage with a global student community.

Collaborations with international academic partners like Harvard Business School Online, a vibrant State of the art campus in Mumbai, designed by globally acclaimed British architects Foster + Partners, Eminent faculty members who are passionate and innovative educators holding PhDs from the best of schools in India and abroad are some potent reasons why a BSc degree in Economics from VPSM is an appealing choice for students seeking excellence and exemplary standards.

A further advantage that VPSM enjoys is its location. The sprawling university campus where VPSM is housed, is located within an hour of driving distance from the Central Business District, Mumbai.

VPSM also has a robust industry connect that opens doors to immense opportunities for its students, in gaining placements and internships. Deserving, talented, hard-working and committed students will certainly stand to gain from these opportunities. Scholarships & financial aid is also provided for deserving students.

 Students are provided a comfort-filled ambiance where they could learn and thrive. A fully air-conditioned residential facility on campus facilitates this. And a Futuristic Resource centre accentuates the emphasis that VPSM lays on encouraging holistic learning among its students.

The BSc (Hons) Economics course at VPSM will truly provide a head-start to students who aspire to be global citizens, straddling the world of policy and finance and shaping the events unfolding on the world stage.

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