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List of OB & HR Faculty

The OB & HRM group at Vijay Patil School of Management comprises faculty members from India and abroad who are subject experts in their respective domains. Committed to cutting edge research in diverse organizational behavior and HRM domains, the group has a dynamic mix of veteran and young faculty members who have published in top tier journals and conference proceedings.

We offer the students core, domain-specific courses such as micro and macro-organizational behavior and human resources management as part of their first-year coursework that lay a strong foundation on our discipline. We also offer multiple, industry relevant electives on domains such as leadership, change management, group dynamics, biases and heuristics in decision making, critical thinking and problem solving, HR analytics, cross cultural HRM etc.

Our pedagogy seeks to provide an experiential learning to students. Through the use of cases, simulations, role plays and other in class exercises, students get an opportunity to undertake the role of the decision maker. Such pedagogical techniques enable students appreciate the complexities of business world and develop a holistic approach towards problem solving. In other words, we intend to make students ‘future ready’. We strongly believe in facilitating long term industry academia interaction. We believe our strong pool of faculty members, drawn from some of the best business schools in India and abroad, would offer us an edge in delivering high quality management education to students across diverse programs, while staying relevant with the ever-changing needs of the industry.

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