Master of Business Administration


The VPSM MBA program is based on a highly interactive and participant-centric pedagogy where the students learn through an active interaction with the faculty members and with each other in the class room as well as outside the class room. The entire infrastructure be it classrooms or discussion rooms or open spaces provided on the roof-top garden or dedicated places in the Learning Resource Centre is specifically designed to promote interaction and group-work.

The VPSM  MBA Program offers a personalised learning experience to its students. The first year is full of compulsory courses that build a foundation by exposing the students to all areas of management like Marketing, Strategy, Finance & Accounting, OB & HR, Operations Management including Supply Chain Management, MIS and Quantitative Techniques or Decision Sciences. The second year is full of elective courses in each of the area covered during the first year and students can select electives in those areas as per their learning goals and areas of interest.

The pedagogy is designed to foster strategic and analytic thinking through the use of Case Studies, Simulation Games, etc. Students also get a chance to learn from the eminent faculty members of Harvard Business School Online alongwith a global student community. This will help them broaden their horizons as they can learn from the perspectives shared by a larger group.

The MBA program is designed to create ethical leaders in different walks of life and not just in the corporate world. It, therefore, emphasises on working in teams and group work.

The students are encouraged to interact with the highly qualified faculty members of VPSM beyond the classroom. VPSM takes pride in its highly qualified and well-published full-time faculty members. They are all selected very carefully. All the full-time regular faculty members have earned their PhDs from the best of the schools in India and Abroad. VPSM also invites the industry champions to offer guest lectures and share their practical experiences in strategy formulation.

VPSM believes in Entrepreneurship and wishes to encourage the budding entrepreneurs. The MBA program includes a core course on Introduction to Entrepreneurship (offered by Harvard Business School Online) in the first year and electives in the second year.

Year 1: All compulsory courses are offered to build a solid foundation

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Microeconomics Macroeconomics Economics
Financial reporting and analysis Corporate Finance Finance
Marketing Marketing research OB and HR
Micro OB Macro OB MIS
IT Skills MIS Operations
Quantitative methods Operations Research Strategy
Business communication Business communication 2 General Management
Strategic Management Strategy

Year 2
: A number of choice–based electives shall be offered to tailor-make the personal learning goals of each student in various disciplines of management such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Supply-chain Management, HR, MIS and Analytics, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc. across the three terms of the second year. This also promotes interdisciplinary learning across different verticals like Marketing and Finance or Operations and HR, etc. among students.Total Credits in the First year: 72

Summer Training: Students shall also work with the industry during the summer vacation after the first year. This eight-week summer training is compulsory and a part of the course work.