Dr Girish Gujar

Dr Girish Gujar


Operations Management


Overview –.

Dr. Girish Gujar is an ex-Marine Chief Engineer with over a decade of sailing experience. Apart from a Ph.D. from Erasmus University Rotterdam, he also has Master's degrees in Finance, Maritime Economics, and Law from different global universities. On completion of his sea-going career, he was appointed as a Chief Executive Officer of Logion BV, a Logistics and Consultancy company based in the Netherlands for over 15 years. Subsequently, he taught Supply Chain Management and International Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Beijing Normal University, He has published numerous academic papers in highly esteemed peer-reviewed journals and is a regular speaker at numerous international conferences. In addition, he has published four books.

Research –

Dry Ports, Maritime Security, Port Policy and Transportation

Operations Management, International Law, Maritime Economics

Ph.D, LLM, MFM, M.Sc,C.Eng