• This program will prepare you for an exciting profession in the field of AI embedded Strategic Marketing by providing an in-depth exposure to Analytics driven Marketing. The program provides opportunities for practical experience, links with industry experts, and a robust curriculum in AI embedded Strategic Marketing
  • The program offers a specialized MBA in Strategic Marketing and is intended for students with long-term career goals.
  • A Four Semester Industry Oriented Intensive MBA Program
  • Three Months Industry Internship
  • Crafted with care and keeping the growing needs of the world in mind, the curriculum at Vijay Patil School of Management is designed for students to emerge as rounded leaders, strategic thinkers, and better humans who contribute to the growth and development of communities.
  • The MBA program is designed to create ethical leaders in different walks of life and not just in the corporate world. It, therefore, emphasizes on working in teams and group work.


  • Participants will gain a solid understanding of foundational marketing principles, including market analysis, consumer behavior, and strategic planning.
  • Program participants will develop skills in data analysis, including the ability to interpret and leverage data to make informed marketing decisions.
  • The program will teach methods for leveraging AI to create personalized marketing messages and campaigns tailored to individual consumer preferences.
  • Participants will develop skills in using AI-driven insights for strategic decision-making in marketing contexts
  • The rapidly evolving nature of both marketing and AI requires an emphasis on the importance of continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends.


There are many and growing opportunities from MBA in AI-driven Strategic Marketing as companies use AI more and more to improve their marketing campaigns. AI-driven strategic marketing offers a wide range of opportunities across several industries, such as e-commerce, retail, finance, healthcare, and more. For marketers and companies looking for a competitive edge in the digital age, having a solid understanding of AI and its uses in marketing is becoming increasingly important.

  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Content Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Ad Campaign Optimization
  • Ethical AI in Marketing
  • AI Marketing Strategy Consulting


Candidates should have the following in order to be admitted to MBA in Strategic Marketing and AI :

  • A bachelor’s degree with an average of 60% or higher marks
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics, preferably Mathematics at Higher Secondary Level
  • Coding Knowledge not mandatory, but an added advantage
  • Score from GRE / CAT / GATE could boost your selection prospects