Game Theory for Managers: Doing Business in a Strategic World by Dr. Alka Chadha

The new edition of the book explains the concepts of game theory in a way that is easy to understand and will be useful for the students of MBA programmes. It will help the readers to think strategically in interactions that they may encounter as managers. The book uses a mix of mathematics and intuitive reasoning for efficient learning outcomes. The case studies dwell on diverse issues such as politics, diplomacy, geopolitics, movies, sports, health care, environment, besides business and economics. Each chapter includes Solved Examples, Summary, Key Words, and Exercises. An Instructor’s Manual is available for professors who adopt this book that includes PowerPoint slides, answers to select problems given in the text, and a variety of multiple-choice questions. The second edition of the book has expanded the text and included more diagrams and updated case studies on current topics including coronavirus pandemic, oil crash, trade war, arms race escalation, etc.

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