An MBA promises to catapult one’s career to a higher level. Therefore several experienced and fresh graduates prefer to take up a post-graduate degree in Management. An MBA degree has several advantages.

It provides an efficient combination of theoretical or academic knowledge and application-based learning with core disciplines like General Management,
Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and OperationsSupply Chain Management, MIS and Quantitative Techniques or Decision Sciences. Frameworks like SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threat), PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal and Environmental), and SMART (specific, achievable, measurable reasonable, and time-bound) are introduced in an MBA class.

The capacity to withstand pressure, the ability to adhere to deadlines, the skills to gel with all team members, the confidence to lead teams, the power to a network coupled with a strong sense of accountability and discipline is what an MBA gives you, provided you undergo your training in a world-class institution like the Vijay Patil School of Management. (VPSM)

VPSM has a sense of ethical commitment and the ethos to promote and nurture knowledge which makes it the harbinger of true transformative Learning.

VPSM is a result of a decade of intense planning and forethought and is envisaged as a hub of transformational education for students from all walks of life seeking a sense of purpose.

It was a concept that the present chancellor, Dr. Vijay. D. Patil, visualized in order to carry forth the legacy of the founder Chancellor of the DY Patil University, Dr. D. Y. Patil, who has established more than 100 institutions, to benefit thousands of students across the state of Maharashtra.

The VPSM Philosophy strongly believes in applying the core values of Transformative Learning. It believes in imparting to its students, the training that makes them play a vital role in influencing the global community. Thus, they become part of a globalized cosmopolitan society. To hasten this process, VPSM has collaborated with the Harvard Business Online Program that will provide students the opportunities to learn from the eminent faculty of Harvard. This is in line with the aim of creating a global community of students that can promote the understanding of a wider and diverse perspective through exposure to a multi-cultural experience.

 The participative pedagogy at VPSM is designed to bring about the transformation of the learners through a highly interactive and a charged classroom environment that provides a fertile platform to develop ‘autonomous thinking’ which is at the core of transformative learning.

VPSM believes in facilitating the work of the facilitators, the highly experienced and qualified faculty, who design the courses and set the curriculum to foster higher-order thinking skills and deeper learning. The faculty at VPSM are designers of a dynamic curriculum that is streamlined to suit the requirements of the students. They do not merely implement a syllabus but go beyond it and create knowledge resources through publications and research that percolate down to the learners through collaborative knowledge projects, discussions, Case Studies, and Simulation Games.

The students who enter the portals of VPSM will discover its breathtakingly beautiful campus vibrant with a green cover, where nature and nurture nestle together; where a futuristic modern state-of-the-art structure houses world-class classrooms as well as elegant residential facilities; where the vast expanses of its Learning Resource center, meant for providing food for thought to the budding leaders and entrepreneurs also provides a world-class cuisine in the inviting ambience of its cafe.

The courses offered at VPSM are designed to suit the requirement of students. Other than the MBA program, VPSM offers BBA for undergraduates aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders with problem-solving abilities and the students of this course can choose from a host of electives to enhance their skills according to their aptitude. Students will do a six-month project with the industry in their chosen field of study. The institute will facilitate and help students to get the project in the industry.

The undergraduate Economics program offered by VPSM at the DYP University aims to put emphasis on applications and policy.

The curriculum offers robust training in economic theory and statistical methods and a wide choice of Economics courses to suit students’ interests and mathematical aptitude. Economics electives would cover all the significant fields of economic knowledge as well as recent developments in the field of economics.

After completing their Management education in VPSM, undoubtedly, the students will walk away with a transformed, holistic worldview, armed with intellectual tools to become confident, strategic, thinking leaders on the world stage in the foreseeable future.

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