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BBA – The Prudent Choice for Early Success!

A degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has become the preferred choice of students seeking an enriching and useful degree program and this is especially for those who are looking for a viable option to conventional degrees such as B.Com or BA. There are several reasons for this.

The world has become fast-paced and increasingly competitive. Conventional degrees cannot keep up with the surging demand for good leaders with sharp skills. The ‘one size fits all’ philosophy of yore is now outdated and the need of the hour is a customised, updated, and rigorous curriculum that meets the requirement of the young undergraduate aspiring to get a foothold in the world of business. The BBA program provides just the right, the optimum opportunity for the bright student fresh out of higher secondary school to acquire leadership skills, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities, and skills to work in a team.

The BBA program at VPSM promises to be a life-transforming experience for the students for more than one reason. It is a continuation of the legacy of Dr. D. Y. Patil and his dream to bring world-class education to the doorstep of every aspiring young citizen of the nation, a dream he founded more than thirty-seven years ago. This legacy and dream is now successfully sustained by the vision of Dr. Vijay D. Patil, current chancellor of the university and the commitment of Mrs. Shivani V. Patil, managing trustee.

The DY Patil University has always been a premier educational hub for almost four decades now but one of its hallmarks is that it has always risen to the demands and needs of the times and reinvented itself for this purpose. VPSM is the latest feather in the cap of this illustrious and premier university. The University leadership has always believed in providing the best to its students. Be it infrastructure or faculty or its plethora of educational programs.

In the words of our Dean VPSM, Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri, an eminent academician with a minefield of experience in running premier institutions like IIMs, the Management Program aims “at inculcating the ‘spirit of inquiry, ‘independent thinking’, and ‘data-based decision-making’ among our students.”

 The collaboration with Harvard Business School Online makes the BBA Program at VPSM truly a global experience.

Our program provides a preparatory field for ambitious undergraduates to use their education as a stepping stone to make their mark in the business world, gain analytical and problem-solving skills, understand the latest business concepts and acquire professional communicational skills during the span of three years of six semesters.

Undergraduates of BBA also hone their quantitative skills that can be utilized in quantitative reasoning and business data analysis thus facilitating their entry into almost all enterprises requiring this. BBA graduates can easily fit into roles that demand visionary leadership and entrepreneurial acumen since they are trained for this.

Additionally, the undergraduates in the BBA program are exposed to a variety of practical projects, internships and several multifaceted subjects that provide them with multidisciplinary learning experiences. It is a well-known axiom in the educational domain that multidisciplinary courses and practical learning experiences lead to the all-round development of the students and prepare them to become thinkers who can apply their learning in a real-time environment. Courses across disciplines such as Economics, Marketing, and Finance, organizations Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Information Systems make the BBA program an attractive proposition for students as they enhance the knowledge base of the students thus giving them an edge over other graduates.

Furthermore, the BBA program at VPSM, assists the students to get a head start in their careers. It has been customized to provide students an understanding of the processes and strategies to run organizations while managing the uncertainties. It helps them achieve their professional goals by providing a highly interactive and participant-centric pedagogy that trains them in decision-making based on data and strategic thinking.

The program is also flexible and caters to the specific needs of students by offering electives apart from the core compulsory courses. This makes it very relevant and purposeful for students seeking an integrated learning experience of their choice. Choice-based electives  are offered to meet the personal learning goals of each student in various disciplines of management such as Economics, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Supply-chain Management, OB and HR, MIS and Analytics, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc. This unique flexibility can be found in the BBA program at VPSM.

The BBA degree is in great demand also because it facilitates engagement with the global student community often through joint events, projects and visits and collaborations like the Harvard Business Online Program.

The BBA program is much sought after by budding entrepreneurs who wish to pick up the rules of the trade in a short time and also who are looking for technical know-how pertinent to the business world. They also get acquainted with the best industrial practices due to their exposure to the constantly updated curriculum and the various opportunities provided by VPSM to meet and interact with industry leaders.

The BBA program at VPSM is also unique in a sense because it does not restrict learning only within the four walls of a classroom. It promotes practical learning and provides hands-on experience through which the students can pick up the fundamentals of the business world. Moreover, the courses are specially designed to enhance the personalized learning experiences of the students. Case studies, simulation games, quizzes, internships, team projects, class discussions, quizzes, and interactive platforms are the norm for this program. This creates an intellectually stimulating fertile ground on which the personality of the students blossom, making them ready to face and solve the problems in the course of their professional and also personal lives. Thus the BBA program contributes to holistic growth of the individual student.

 The students get an opportunity to work with the industry. The students of BBA will have an opportunity to intern with the industry for a semester (about 6 months) to get practical on-the-job experience. This makes the program hugely appealing to students looking forward to getting fruitfully employed in the corporate sector or those who want to branch out as entrepreneurs.

It is therefore a natural conclusion that the BBA program with its myriad courses most certainly will be the nurturing ground of path-breaking leaders and entrepreneurs. The program will also be a boon for those who may not have work experience but who seek a degree that gives them true value for money and makes economic sense.

Finally, it can be said that a BBA degree has all the elements of a well-planned strategic learning program that can launch the careers of students by empowering them with leadership skills and other professional skills required in the real world even before they step into it.

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